Quantum Hardware Engineer

At Universal Quantum we are creating the impossible. Together we are creating truly impactful quantum computers. We are looking to hire an AMO physicist with experience in design, assembly, and commissioning of ion-trap hardware for quantum computing. Passionate about helping create technologies that can change the world? We may be the right place for you so get in touch!

What you’ll accomplish

  • Apply previous experience in atomic, molecular, and optical (AMO) physics to design and assemble hardware for ion-trap quantum computing.
  • Assemble hardware platforms, integrate control systems, and troubleshoot custom control software.
  • Perform experiments in a laboratory setting, document tests, measurements, and system characteristics, and apply results to develop a mature product.
  • Work with a multidisciplinary and experienced team of Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Physicists and Quantum Engineers.
  • Assist in developing new concepts and develop new technologies for future products.

The most critical attributes we’ll use to compare candidates

  1. Experience with laser cooling and trapping of ions.
  2. Experience assembling ion-trap and ultra-high-vacuum systems.
  3. Experience designing and testing optical, RF and microwave hardware systems.
  4. Working knowledge of precision-timed control systems and signal processing.
  5. Experience with quantum computing, quantum control and/or quantum information processing.
  6. Ability to perform simulation and modelling to inform experiments.


  • PhD and ideally postdoc experience.
  • 5+ years (degree-inclusive) experience involving one or more of the following areas: vacuum systems, electronics, microwave technology, optics, lasers and/or atomic physics.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, with published results in field of research.
  • Strong organizational skills, and experience working and negotiating with customers and partners.


  • Knowledge of surface traps.
  • Knowledge of Ytterbium qubits.
  • Proficient in Python.


Competitive salary, equity options, competitive pension, private health insurance, and relocation support.